We need YOUR help!

Hello wonderful people/viewers/snowflakes or whatever you are! Welcome! Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope all is well as we near closer and closer to finals (even though it’s still a few months away). We just wanted to keep in touch and ask y’all some questions!

As we get closer to The Life I Thought I Had being released, what content would you like to see from us (within reason of course)?
Chapter sneak peaks?
A list of chapter titles being revealed?
Super secret insight to some of the characters?
We want your input!

Thanks for keeping up with us and we can’t wait to bring you more!



Hey everyone! If you’ve been keeping up with us on Alyssa’s Instagram profile, you probably heard that we have chosen reps for TLITIH! We will be sending these people rep packages and we hope you like them as much as we do! Please give them a follow to see some more posts about The Life I Thought I Had!

Drum roll please!!!

Our reps are:
August McVey of @the.cronchy.cosplayer
Charlie Smith of @snowandbooks
Victoria Kennedy of @novelreality
Joel Leonidas of @decendantofposeidonreads
Belle Ellrich of @booking_belle
Nicole Lambert of @bookish_witchcraft
and our wonderful publisher Melissa Futrell of @melidite (because I mean come on, the publisher has to get all the perks too!)

These are all amazing accounts and even more amazing people, you really won’t regret following them!

See y’all soon with another post!


Hey everyone! Sorry for the radio silence! We’ve been working to make the book better, so we kind of obviously didn’t make the January 5th release.

We have pushed the release back so we can provide the best content for readers! But in the mean time, I think it would be fun to tell you that there may or may not be a LIMITED EDITION in the works! This edition will have things like fan art and exclusive scenes for all you readers! Thank you so much for sticking with us through all of this.

We have some other news as well! Siobhan and Adam have chosen to create Instagram profiles! Much like the characters in 13 Reasons Why, you can now follow Adam and Siobhan through their almost daily lives! I will list the Instagram handles at the bottom of this post!

The amazing snowflake that is my writing partner Elena, has also revamped Siobhan and Adam artwork:

Again, thank you all for sticking with us, and we can’t wait to bring you more news!


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Procrastination, Finals, and Interviews

Heyo, WonderfulSnowflakes, Alyssa here! I hope you all are having an awesome spring break! 

It’s spring time! Yay? I mean who doesn’t love allergies and the stress of the upcoming finals at school? 

Speaking of which, one of my awesome teachers is letting me design a storyboard and outfits for the two main protagonists in The Life I Thought I Had! 

Finals aren’t for another forty days, but she gave me the entire semester to work on this project and I’m just now starting it so fingers crossed! I have a LOAD of work to do on it. (As you can probably tell from the picture all I have is the base sketch) THIS IS WHY YOU CAN’T PROCRASTINATE! Which I have also done for almost  (almost!) all of my other classes. 

This past week I was interviewed by a friend I used to be paired up with in English, so I will be posting that interview along with progress pictures of my story board soon!